some facts…

– anesthesia is used today to numb the body during operations because it was successfully tested on animals

– AIDs research relies heavily on animal testing; other testing techniques aren’t optimized yet

– organizations that use animal research are legally required to have carefully analyzed every other possible way of testing that doesn’t involve the use of animals – animal testing is therefore used as a sort of “last resort” that should only be applied when other techniques are fallible and yield unusable results

– approximately 5 billion animals are consumed as food annually – compared to that, only 17-22 million animals are used for in research annually

– some statistics (according to the USDA):

=> 61 % of animals used suffer no pain

=> 31 % of animals have pain relieved with anesthesia

=> 6 % of animals do however experience pain, but this has to do with the research itself – the alleviation of pain would compromise the results

– here’s a handy booklet put together by Oxford (UK) -based group Pro-Test that campaigns in favor of animal testing MAAR Medical Analysis and Animal Research

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