In vivo vs. in vitro

Many people think it is not allowed to sacrifice animals for scientific and medical purposes because they suffer, get hurt and finally are slain. But they may not take into account that many animals are also slaughtered for food industry, which is often considered normal compared to animal testing.
Animals are needed to realize breakthroughs e.g. in the medical field. But nowadays if other viable alternative methods exist, animal testing does not occur.
For instance, stem cells (SC) are a relative new way to perform testing. This will decrease the use of animals in the testing process. Furthermore, SC can show a specific organ’s reaction to a substance. Nevertheless, in vitro techniques won’t show how the entire human system would respond. Therefore, investigations with animals are still needed because animal models are being considered the most similar model to represent the human body. Hence, these in vivo experiments will increase our knowledge and contribute to a better human but also a better animal understanding. Due to this we can discover new medicines and therapies for both.


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